His sterility was infinite. It was part of the ecstasy

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Here is a fascinating film made in 1957. The BBC reporter, Woodrow Wyatt, goes to Syria with the aim of proving that everyone there is a communist. But repeatedly they tell him that this is not true. Both students and millionaire businessmen insist they are not a Soviet satellite, that they like capitalism. They just fear America because of its plots – and they have turned to the Soviets as a message to America. They also see Israel as America’s agent.

Just before Woodrow Wyatt arrived the Syrians had uncovered yet another CIA plot to overthrow the government. Three CIA men had been expelled, and even Wyatt has to admit in the commentary that the evidence for the plot is strong.

In fact it was true. The Americans had been planning another military coup, code-named Operation Wappen. The CIA man in charge was called Howard “Rocky” Stone, and he terrified the Syrians because he always stared intensely at them. But Stone did this because he was almost completely deaf – and he was trying to read their lips.  read more

PHOTOGRAPH: Karl Lagerfeld


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