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Okay. This will seem a bit random. However, after an overly indulgent Christmas meal I started thinking about the parallels between commodity inventories and human fat inventories.

So, im starting to think of obesity as a contango position.

In times of scarcity hoarding food surpluses internally, where they could no longer perish (or be stolen), made a lot of sense.

Thus being fat was a reflection of one’s wealth and prosperity. A desirable quality.

Think Henry VIII etc.

Of course now that we have most of our food demands met on an immediate and “on demand” basis, those fat inventories begin to look silly. In fact they become a burden.

Running minimal fat inventories is most desirable.

Thin is beautiful.

And this relates to a food availability forward curve. For as long as food is expected to be plentiful, it will pay to run your body in backwardation mode.  read more

PHOTOGRAPH: Scott Schuman

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