The dancers were circling rapidly with athletic elation, talking the way people talk when they are working. Their intelligences floated and flew above the waves of the valse, but with frequent drenchings as it were, and cessations

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This feate cannot be performed at every time, but only in Winter, and at such times as snow may be had, and he that will shew it must have in readinesse an handfull of salt. The time serving, and the party provided, let him call for a joynt-stoole, a quart pot, a handfull of snow, a little water; and a short staffe or sticke. First let him poure a little water upon the top of the stoole, and upon it let him hold the pot fast with his left hand, and take the short sticke in his right, and therewith churne the snow and salt in the pot, as if one should churne for butter, and in halfe a quarter of an houre the pot will freeze so hard to the stoole, that you can scarcely with both hands pull it off from the stoole: there’s a naturall reason may be given for this, which he that is a Scholler need not be told, and for a common Jugler I would not have so wise as to know, therefore I omit it.  read more

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