And if I ever was myself I wasn’t that night

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The United States is experiencing an outbreak of amphetamine abuse. The latest national surveys show that about 3 million Americans used amphetamine-type stimulants nonmedically in the past year, 600000 in the past week, and that 250000 to 350000 are addicted. Although survey data indicate that the number of nonmedical users of amphetamine-type stimulants may have stabilized, the number of heavy users with addiction problems doubled between 2002 and 2004. Thus, the public health problem presented by amphetamines may still be increasing in severity; in many ways it surpasses that of heroin. Although all of this is widely appreciated, the history of an even larger amphetamine epidemic 4 decades ago is less well-known.  read more

ART: Pollock of Light

Walmart execs asking “Where are all the customers?” was my favorite question of the week

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this might not be QUITE what you’re looking for, but give me a chance, you never know

I was convinced my then 3yo had a bug or ill effects from me allowing him to eat VAST quantities of pineapple

the [FORRIN] gp thought it was appendicitis and told us to get to A&E. She actually had the receptionist phone us a cab

it was indeed appendicitis – his appendix was about to burst

if you’d like a pic of me and ds outside the gp’s surgery looking sad, do dm me

(only trouble is he’s 15 now and you may well have to bribe him with a magnum or three to get him to take his hood off)  read more

PHOTOGRAPH: John Bennewitz

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